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Tulsa Insulation Contractor Shares the Benefits of Climate-Controlled Garages

Tulsa Insulation Contractor Shares the Benefits of Climate-Controlled Garages

Tulsa-Insulation-Contractor-Benefits-Climate-Controlled-GaragesInsulating a garage is important whether it’s attached to a home or not. By insulating the area, you’ll obviously save money on utility costs, thwart pests, improve humidity control and reduce noise pollution but there’s more. You’ll also reduce your family’s carbon footprint, protect them from harmful odors, boost the property’s resale value and make your garage a great place to be any time of the year. Insulating a garage is easy too when you have our insulation contractors on your side.

New IECC Designation for Tulsa County, OK

At Oklahoma Wall Foam, our insulation contractors pay attention to changes occurring in the building industry. As such, we know that the International Energy Conservation Code lists Tulsa County as being in Climate Zone 3, which gives it a HERS Index rating of 51. Our region was given the designations because of its average temperatures and humidity levels.

Super Hot and Bitter Cold Days Are on the Horizon

For instance, did you know that accordingly to the latest Oklahoma Climatological Survey’s data, our state averages more than 100 days a year when the temperature climbs above 90 degrees Fahrenheit? With an average of 130 days per year below freezing, it gets pretty cold in the winter too. That’s important information for insulation contractors to know when it comes to choosing how much insulation to add to a Tulsa County garage.

Where Should the Spray Foam Insulation Go?

Ideally, garages located in Climate Zone 3 should be completely weatherized. Consequently, the walls and ceiling cavity should be filled with spray foam insulation. Units with concrete floors should be caulked and sealed whereas other floors may need radiant heating or insulation. Of course any doors, outlets, light switches and windows in the garage must be taken care of too.

To learn more about insulating a garage, please contact Oklahoma Wall Foam for a free consultation. We also encourage you to watch our YouTube videos and connect with us on Google+ or Facebook.