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Top Signs it’s time to replace your home’s insulation

Oklahoma Wall Foam knows exactly what we are doing when it comes to insulation. We understand that insulation gets old and worn out just like everything else. So we offer you the BEST. Oklahoma Wall Foam proudly offers injection foam insulation for your home and walls. We have an unique product and installation method that can insulate or re-insulate any wall well enough that you will feel immediate results.

Is it time to replace your insulation? There are 3 reasons why it is:

  • High utility bills: Since heating and air conditioning typically account for a significant portion of the utility bill, a spike often means the system is flipping on frequently to account for a cold or warm draft in the house, depending on the season. Replacing the insulation will regulate the temperature and lower the monthly bill.
  • Inconsistent room temperatures: Inadequate insulation can result in inconsistent temperatures. It might be a bathroom that’s especially cold or a living room that’s burning up. Stepping into that room feels different compared with other rooms, which is a sure sign of an insulation issue.
  • Pests: You like your home to be cozy, and so do pests. Insects and other pests like to make their homes in insulation, especially in attics and basements. If you ever have an infestation in your home, it’s important to check the insulation. If there are any signs of infestation, it’s best to have it replaced to avoid future pest problems.

While homeowners can install new insulation as a DIY project, removing drywall and installing insulation behind it can be difficult and leave holes behind. We know how to lay insulation and reinstall drywall, keeping everything consistent and smooth by the end of the job. Homeowners should be sure to get insulation replaced before the extreme temperatures of summer and winter, especially if they live in climates where temperatures could reach highs of more than 100 degrees or lows of 40 below. Call us today if it is your turn to get new insulation!