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Spray Foam Insulation

Spray-Foam-Insulation-Tulsa-OKIf you’re looking for spray foam insulation for your Tulsa or OKC attics and walls, Oklahoma Wall Foam is the place to turn!

A polyurethane-based material, our industrial-strength foam insulation is installed as a liquid to walls, ceilings, or floors. The liquid expands and hardens in place, forming a seamless air-blocking membrane that seals walls and prevents air penetration.

Benefits of our spray foam insulation

  • Saves you money on those utility bills, no matter what season it is!
  • Enables your air conditioner and heater to work less and last longer!
  • Stops cold or hot air from sneaking out of your house.
  • Keeps pollen and other allergens outside where they belong!
  • Inhibits mildew, mold and bacterial growth.
  • Creates a more comfortable living space.
  • Minimizes outdoor and in-wall noise
  • Adds resale value to your home!
  • Prevents pests and critters from residing in your walls.

Because spray foam forms an airtight seal around windows and other leak sources, traditional insulation such as cellulose and fiberglass can simply not perform at the same level. OK Wall Foam guarantees effective, long-term insulation for your home or business!

Isn’t there already insulation in my home?

There might be insulation in your walls or attic at the moment, but chances are it’s not enough, even if you own a newer home. Most homes in Oklahoma are under-insulated. If your heating & cooling system seems to run constantly during extreme weather, if certain rooms or areas seem to stay a different temperature, or if you just suspect your utility bills should be lower, you’re probably right—you need more insulation!

An abundance of precious air, and virtually money, is most likely disappearing right through your walls and attic right now, and we don’t want it to stay that way! If you’d like to know how much air is escaping from your home and what choices you have, contact us today at (918) 409-9494 for a free, 15-minute energy-loss evaluation.

We insulate based on your needs.

Even though it’s important to insulate homes here in Oklahoma, OK Wall Foam specializes in insulating other buildings as well. We insulate garages, shops, barns, stores, hospitals, sheds, and any other enclosed structure you’d like to protect.

Every building’s composition is unique, but we typically use closed cell spray foam insulation for new constructions and open cell foam insulation for existing structures, as well as for garages and attics.

And when you choose our attic insulation for your home or business, you’ll get a further benefit: it can be applied directly to the roof deck, allowing you to be able to use all the space under your roof! Your ductwork can go in the conditioned space, eliminating energy waste from leaks. And maybe even more importantly, those previously wasted attic areas could become useful rooms. Say hello to increased property value!

If you have any questions about our services or about insulation in general, we can help! Contact OK Wall Foam today at (918) 409-9494 for a free, no-obligation, energy-loss evaluation. We’ll come to you at your convenience, determine what would might help you, and discuss your options with you. Let us help you save money on utilities and create a better living space at the same time!