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Removing Your Insulation

Removing Your Insulation

Removing Your InsulationRemoving your insulation from your house can be a hassle or even dangerous to do on your own. Even if you are just replacing your insulation, it needs to be removed before you put new insulation in its place. But, upgrading your insulation for energy-saving benefits is not the only reason people need to have their insulation removed.

Traditional Insulation

There are a couple reasons why someone would need old insulation removed and replaced. Traditional insulation has many issues, one of them being it does not cover every crack allowing animals and insects to easily squeeze their way through into your attic or wall space. Traditional insulation can house unwanted pests and cause your home to become their home as well.

With traditional insulation, mold and aging is a very common problem. This type of insulation does not repel water, so it will hold water and cause deterioration. If this water issue is left untreated it can spread through walls, ceilings, and floors.

Fire Damage Insulation Repair

Another a reason for people to need their insulation replaced is fire damage. During a fire, the heat will completely re-form the ceilings, walls, and floors of your home. Before the old insulation can be replaced, it ALL has to be removed from the home before any further work can be done. If spray foam was used in the house, then your insulation removal team will need to come in and scrap out of the rest of the damaged insulation.

Replacing Your Insulation

People who are renovating a home and looking to upgrade to either blown in or spray foam insulation will first need to have the old insulation completely removed. The easiest way for you to do this is have your Oklahoma Wall Foam team come in and safely remove and dispose of the traditional insulation. After this is done, the building owner can decide the type of insulation they want to replace it with.

We know that things in your house go out of date and need to be it replaced, and cost might be an issue that is not allowing you to get it updated. Do not stress, the cost of the service depends on the type of insulation that needs to be removed and the amount of insulation that needs to be taken out of the house.

Oklahoma Wall Foam Makes Insulation Simple

With our experienced professionals, we are able to remove any type of insulations that you need replaced. Oklahoma Wall Foam knows this process is not fun, but we will make it the easiest experience we can for you. Call us today for any questions you have about spray foam insulation.