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Purpose Of Attic Insulation

Purpose Of Attic Insulation

attic-insulation-purposeIn Oklahoma, the summers are very hot and the winters can get very cold. Insulation is not just to keep the hot air in during the winter, but to make sure that cool air is not leaking out during the summer. We know that heat flows from the warm areas of our homes to the cooler areas. Installing insulation in your attic is very important and can give you a big return on your energy savings.

Checking Your Insulation

One of the first things you need to do is to check if you even have attic insulation. If you do not, it is time to call Oklahoma Wall Foam and get it installed as fast as possible. If you have insulation, but see that it is older and more worn out, the old insulation can cause leakage and will be a part of the reason your home is not insulated well.

Existing Attic Insulation

It is very simple to check how much existing insulation your attic already has. Just take a ruler and multiply the number of inches by the R-value of insulation that you already have installed. If you want to make it easy and simple on your family, you can have our professionals check all of your insulation for you.

What Insulation Do I Use?

When you are choosing the type of insulation you need for your home, it will depend on how much space you have available and the bulk density of the material used. When considering which insulation to use, compare the cost per square foot (installed) of each R-value type. At Oklahoma Wall Foam, we will know exactly what type & how much insulation to use in your attic.

Oklahoma Wall Foam

Knowing when to replace your attic insulation can be a tricky guess. Make it easy on you are your family and call us today! Our trained workers will get you exactly what your home needs.