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Proper Installation of New Insulation

Are you aware of just how old the insulation is in your home? Has it affected the energy-efficiency of your home? Improper insulation will also cause the efficiency to decrease. If you are trying to improve your home’s energy efficiency you might be wondering if it’s best to remove the old insulation or if you can get by with installing new over the old.

The Answer

If the old insulation is dry, you can put new insulation over your old, according to ENERGY STAR. If it’s wet or even just damp the insulation can definitely mildew or mold and cause your ceiling or roof rafters to deteriorate.

A Few More Tips for Insulating the Attic

  • Do not place ‘faced’ insulation over existing insulation; a vapor retarder (face) on or between insulation layers can easily trap moisture, promoting mold. Your existing insulation should either not have facing at all, or if it does, the faced side should be against the drywall floor of the attic.
  • You can install fiberglass or cellulose insulation over existing insulation.
  • Unfaced rolls of insulation should be installed perpendicular to the joists.
  • If using roll insulation do not tack it down; if it becomes flattened it will decrease the R-value.
  • If you come across vermiculite insulation in the attic you need to test it for asbestos promptly. If it shows that asbestos is present you will need to contact a professional to come remove it before you can continue with installing your insulation.

Find out more by visiting ENERGY STAR’s website.

Installing insulation is something that many homeowners prefer to do themselves but you do have the option of having it done by professionals. Even if you have someone else install it, it’s helpful to know this information. If you still have questions, which you likely do, you can ask the company you’re considering and get the answers you need. They can also advise you on whether your new insulation should be installed over your existing or if you need to have it removed first.

Seal before you insulate. One other quick note to consider is that air leaks will have a significant impact on your home’s energy efficiency as well, so if you’re insulating make sure you seal up any air leaks first.

Oklahoma Insulation Installation

Oklahoma Wall Foam is a commonly heard name in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area and for good reason too. Tulsa residents have been counting on us to install their insulation for their homes and attics for many years. If you’re ready to learn more about our insulation installation services just contact us today!