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Lower Summer Cooling Costs with Premium, Wall Injection Insulation in OK

Lower Summer Cooling Costs with Premium, Wall Injection Insulation in OK

premium-Wall-Injection-Insulation-OKWhen a home’s air conditioner runs continuously, it is never a good thing. It generally means that the cooling system is having a hard time keeping up with demand thanks to poor insulation. The good news is homeowners can easily correct the problem by hiring Oklahoma Wall Foam to come in and add wall injection insulation. And no, we are not talking about just any old form of injection insulation.

Why Do We Choose to Rest Our Reputation on Tripolymer®?

We use Tripolymer®, which is far superior to cementitious, polyurethane and polyisocyanurate insulation. It also beats other forms of insulation too, like cellulose, perilite, fiberglass, blown glass and vermiculite.

Below we’ve listed a few reasons why:

  • Tripolymer® does not degrade when exposed to thermal elements. As a matter of fact, it is fire rated, doesn’t produce smoke and there are no vapor retarder facings involved. Consequently, it is a lot safer that combustible forms of insulation (e.g. cellulose).
  • Plus, it’s an eco-friendly form of wall injection insulation. Therefore, homeowners can rest easy knowing their wall insulation is non-toxic, CFC, glass and asbestos free. Many other brand name insulation manufacturers can’t say the same.
  • In addition, our material of choice won’t clump, settle, compress or absorb moisture like some other forms of environmentally friendly insulation. So, it will keep fungi, rodents and insects at bay too.
  • Furthermore, our type of wall injection insulation does more than just provide homes with the perfect R-Value. It adds acoustical value as well. As such, sounds from various rooms in a home won’t travel far when Tripolymer® is in place. And that’s beneficial, especially for light sleepers, swing shift workers, music lovers and families with children.

Why Should You Choose Our Favorite Wall Injection Insulation Too?

We think that all of the reasons we love Tripolymer® are characteristics that you’ll appreciate too. Also, we’re sure that you’ll love the way it increases your home’s energy efficiency. In some cases, in may cut your home’s energy bills in half and make you eligible for certain tax credits.

Are You Ready to Benefit from the Best Wall Injection Insulation?

To learn more about our favorite brand of wall injection insulation, please contact us. Our Oklahoma Wall Foam team would be happy to provide you with a complimentary, in-home consultation and discuss the benefits of Tripolymer® even further. Call us today.