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Insulation Oklahoma City

Do you need more insulation for your Oklahoma City home? OK Wall Foam can help you significantly lower your heating bill by insulating your walls and attic!

Wall Insulation

It’s true—our wall insulation is so effective that our customers report as much as 60% savings on their utility bills after the insulation is installed!

Why can this savings be so high?

A couple of reasons. First of all, most homes in Oklahoma are under-insulated. Your valuable heat (or cold) escapes anywhere it can, and older homes, especially, could be losing 45% of that warm air through the walls. So when OK Wall Foam fills the gaps in your walls with our high-grade insulation, that heat or cold is suddenly trapped, right where it should be—inside your home!

Another reason for our customers’ lower utility bills is our proven, energy-efficient insulation: a foam insulation callled Tripolymer 105. Tripolymer 105 been insulating walls for nearly 50 years, and repeated research has proven it to be extremely safe for the environment, fire resistant, and long-lasting.

Tripolymer 105 can be installed into the walls of most buildings within one day and from the outside, so we don’t even have to enter your home!

We clean up after ourselves and quickly get out of your way, so the only evidence we were there is your lower bills and more comfortable living space!

Attic Insulation

If it’s your attic you need insulated, OK Wall Foam has trained specialists for that as well. Some attics have insulation but it has deteriorated or been poorly installed, making it ineffective. We can re-insulate your attic with our superior products and even remove old insulation you don’t want.

We offer fiberglass loose-fill insulation for attics, which provides huge energy efficiency benefits. Our attic insulation rating standard is R-30 which exceeds the Department of Energy recommendations. Oklahoma City homeowners can depend on OK Wall Foam to give you the highest quality product and service!

Our Insulation Services can help you save money!

Not sure what you need, or have other insulation questions? Call us today at 918-409-9494. We’ll answer your questions and give you a free 15-minute energy loss evaluation in your home if you’d like.

OK Wall Foam was started to help homeowners reclaim the warm and cool air in their homes and save money on their utility bills at the same time. We’re excited about helping you save money AND enjoy greater comfort very soon!