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Insulation Myths

10 Costly Insulation Myths Regarding Homes Today:

OKWallFoam-Installation-TulsaMyth #1: My home is has plenty of insulation.
Fact: Most homes in Oklahoma are under-insulated regardless of age, according to the US Department of Energy.

Myth #2: I have insulation in my attic so I don’t need any more insulation.
Fact: 45% or MORE energy loss is through your walls. Most homes do not have any or proper insulation in their walls and it is costing them unnecessary discomfort and massive amounts of money.

Myth #3: I cannot afford to add the proper insulation to my home.
Fact: Most homeowners CAN afford to insulate using Oklahoma Wall Foam. We will show you how you can have it installed with no mess or hassle in one day… with little to no out of pocket cost to you!

Myth #4: My utility bill seems appropriate for size of my home
Fact: Most home owners don’t realize the financial impact due to energy loss and what a properly insulated home utility bill should be.

Myth #5: Fixing drafts in my home is too expensive.
Fact: Most homes have uncomfortable drafts and they can be eliminated with our patented product that we exclusively provide in Oklahoma at little to no net cost to you.

Myth #6: My air conditioner runs constantly in the summer and has trouble keeping the house at my desired temperature, but that’s just the way it has to be in Oklahoma.
Fact: Most homeowners don’t realize that the lack of insulation causes increased wear and tear on their cooling and heating systems, literally costing them thousands!!

Wall-Foam-Insulation-OklahomaMyth #7: It’s normal to have my furnace never shut off in winter’s coldest days.
Fact: If your furnace can’t keep up, the reason is because of a lack of the right insulation – not the furnace.

Myth #8: My walls are already insulated and cannot be re-insulated
Fact: Our solution re-insulates you wall quickly, affordably and can be applied over your current insulation – all in one day!

Myth #9: Insulation to my home takes too much work, repairs and money
Fact: Most homes can be re-insulated in little as one day with no mess or hassle. Our customers start feeling a difference immediately in both their comfort and in the wallet! Our customers saw savings of up to 60% of their utility cost immediately.

Myth #10: I cannot stand the noise level in my home because I live on a busy street. There’s nothing I can do to make this better.
Fact: Our solution will reduce your noise level by up to 80% and last a lifetime.

Hopefully we have cleared up some common misconceptions about insulation and your home. For a Free Detailed Energy Loss Evaluation, please call Oklahoma Wall Foam at 918.409.9494.

Our trained experts will be prompt, courteous, never pushy and always have your best interests in mind. Oklahoma Wall is Oklahoma’s Choice for Insulation. Call 918.409.9494 today and Feel the Difference!!

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