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Insulation FAQs

Why Foam Insualtion?

Injection Foam is fondly referred to as the no-mess insulation. Whether Tripolymer injection foam is being installed into a preexisting home or a new construction job, the no-mess insulation will be the easiest and most worry-free step you take to making your home energy efficient.

When your Oklahoma injection foam job is completed, the only signs you will have that we were there are lower energy bills and no more drafty walls.

Why Is Insulation In Walls So Important ?

Most homes are under-insulated. The older your home is, the greater chance you have of the home lacking proper insulation. And even if your attic is adequately insulated, your walls may not be, which means 45% of your warm or cold air could be escaping through your walls. Most insulation contractors do not offer a viable wall insulation option. Oklahoma Wall Foam is the exclusive provider of the most effective wall insulation available on the market.

Why Is The Free 15 Minute Energy Loss Evaluation So Important?

In this very short time, you will have a complete picture of how effective your current insulation is (in your attic or wherever else it exists) and a simple and affordable plan to immediate gain greater comfort and reduce your utility bills by up to 60%.

How Much Does It Cost?

90% of our jobs range from $45 – $60 per month for the entire house. Most or all of that payment is covered by the “cash in your pocket” immediate savings on your utility bills. That means your monthly net cost is little to nothing!

How Much Savings Can I Expect to Save On My Electricity and Gas Bills?

Our clients experience up to 60% savings in their monthly utility bills right after our installation. Because your A/C and furnace will run much less, they will last MUCH longer. That’s great news since they are very expensive to replace!

Is there a Difference between Attic Insulation and Wall Insulation?

There is a dramatic difference. Your attic insulation level is very important and some insulation contractors don’t understand the proper way to install or evaluate it. We access your specific needs for your attic and your walls during our 15 Minute Energy Loss Evaluation. Please note that we provide solutions for your attic that are different from the solutions we provide for your walls.

What if My Walls Already Have Insulation In Them?

Due to its patented process, our wall foam pushes the existing insulation to the inside of the wall and fills in all of the empty space with much more effective insulation; providing you with a very high R-24 rating.

Does Foam Insulation Lessen Outside Noises I Hear From Inside My Home?

Injection Foam lessens the outside noise by up to 80%. That’s why so many offices, hotels, and townhouses use our patented foam insulation.

Are You Able to Insulate Walls Covered with Brick?

Absolutely! There is a specific nozzle for brick homes that we use. The key is drilling between the bricks into the mortar only. The insulation is filled in from the bottom to the top of the wall and new mortar is used to fill the holes in a way that you wouldn’t know we even worked there.

Are There Times When You Have to Install From Inside the Home?

Yes but only if absolutely necessary. In those rare cases that we have to install from the inside, our professional crew will skillfully fill in and smooth over the small holes.

Can You Describe Why This Foam Insulation Is So Effective and Unique?

This Injection Foam is made of a special tri-polymer compound safe for all kinds of walls (drywall, plaster, lath, etc.) both as it is being installed and long after the job is complete. There is no better wall insulation on the market and Oklahoma Wall Foam is the exclusive provider for all Oklahoma residents.

How Does It Handle the Extreme Summer Heat and Winter Cold?

Injection Foam acts as an effective barrier (it has a high resistance value) to the sun’s hot rays that try to penetrate through the walls. It keeps your walls cool all summer long. Your A/C will run much less. Your utility bills will be lower. The same barrier works to keep the cold out during the freezing months – your walls will also stay warm in the winter.

Will the Foam Ever Move the Walls or Push Them Out?

Rest assured that this won’t happen. Why? Injection Foam does NOT expand as it fills the walls. Any expansion of the foam occurs inside the foam unit BEFORE it flows through the hose. By the time the foam flows into the walls, it is pumped with enough pressure to fill in all of the cavity areas in the wall. There is nothing to worry about.

Can I Do Additional Wiring Through the Walls After They Are Insulated?

This is not a problem. Pushing wires or pipes through the Injection Foam any time after installation is not difficult and you will not experience the wires or pipes catching like they would with fiberglass insulation.


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