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How To Insulate Your Home With Weatherstripping

By now you have probably heard about the advantages of replacement windows and doors. They are not only visually appealing, they’re also great at insulating your home so that you stay comfortable inside no matter the weather outside. If you aren’t able to replace old windows and doors you still have an option to help cut energy costs and better insulate your home; weatherstripping. These are seals that go around your windows and doors made of plastic, caulk, metal or rubber.

While not all weatherstripping options are cost-effective and some can be a little difficult to install, they are effective in decreasing unwanted drafts in the home. If you live in a milder climate you might find success with temporary, more affordable alternatives to the weatherstripping options mentioned below. Either way, you can install the weatherstripping yourself or have a handyman do it for you at a reasonable price. However you decide to do it, you’ll start to notice a difference in both your energy bill and the temperature throughout your home during the changing seasons. Never underestimate the importance of good home insulation. Here are some options for you to consider.

Permanent Weatherstripping Insulation Solutions

Tubular gaskets – these gaskets are made out of vinyl or rubber and pretty easy to install. You can have the coil cut to the exact length you need and then it can be installed underneath the window sashes or door jambs using heavy-duty tacks or staples. You might even choose the tubular gaskets that are self-adhesive to make it even more convenient. If you’re looking to improve primary areas, like the front door, consider using gaskets reinforced with metal.

Interlocking metal channels – the Department of Energy recommends interlocking metal channels for doors and considers them to be an extraordinary weather seal option. Why? Well, when the door is shut the components of the metal channels produce a seal that doesn’t allow any draft to seep through. Because of the way this weatherstripping option works, you will need to make sure they are aligned and installed correctly; an expert might be best for installing this option.

V-channels – these are often used for the older double-hung windows and are also known as V-strips or spring metal. To install v-channels the window sash is removed and the strips are tacked into the channels where the sash slides up and down. The v-channel is then flared out as a means to help the metal create a solid seal with the window, before the sash is replaced.

Temporary Weatherstripping Insulating Solutions

Door sweeps – these are designed to keep drafts and insects from gaining access inside your home from underneath the door. Door sweeps are squeegee-like blades or rubber tubes and be installed with screws or held in place with magnets. Sometimes just the pressure between the floor and the door’s bottom are enough to create a seal.

Plastic sheeting – this is an ideal option for those who rent or are unable to consider permanent insulation & draft-block options. They’re affordable and it’s not hard to install them. Certain sheeting comes ready to be stapled to the outside of the window and plastic sheeting meant for indoors will shrink up with heat; you can use a hair dryer to do this. Either option you choose, plastic sheeting is effective and if installed properly, almost invisible to the eye so it doesn’t hinder your home’s appeal.

Rope caulk – this is also called caulk cord and is likely one of the easiest installation options for weatherstripping. You will unroll the caulk, window sash closed, and press the rope into the seams between the sashes and casing of the window. This will keep the drafts out during the cold and come the warmer season they can be easily peeled away so you can open the windows when you like. This is an excellent way to easily insulate the windows in your home.

This is just a sampling of how many weatherstripping options there are. This variety makes it easier to choose the one right for your situation or needs. Before you decide which option is right for you, examine your home’s windows and doors to see how bad the drafts are. If you still aren’t sure, consider having a handyman come inspect and recommend or suggest the right option. You don’t have to be cold just because it’s wintertime; all you need is good insulation. Save money and time with cost-effective weatherstripping solutions. You might also want to consider adding insulation in your walls and ceiling as an excellent way to keep that warm air in. Oklahoma Wall Foam is here to help. Please contact us for all your home insulation needs!