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6 Reasons Why Injection Foam Insulation Is The Best Insulation Available

6 Reasons Why Injection Foam Insulation Is The Best Insulation Available

Injection Foam InsulationOK Wall Foam installs Tripolymer Injection Foam Insulation (also known as Tripolymer 105), one of the safest and most eco-friendly wall insulation materials available. This insulation is commonly used in walls of hospitals, schools, airports, businesses, and homes across the United States! It’s sought after for many reasons.

Why Injection Foam Insulation?

Energy Efficient

Tripolymer 105 is proven to keep the summer heat and the winter cold out of your home better than the other insulations on the market. Our customers report saving up to 60% on their utility bills after we install their insulation. On top of that, those expensive air conditioners and heaters aren’t working as hard, so they’re going to last a lot longer, too.

Fire Resistant

Tripolymer Injection Foam has been insulating walls for close to 50 years, and repeated research and tests have proven the substance to be extremely fire resistant. (Many other types of insulation are actually flammable!) In fact, when Tripolymer 105 has been installed and assessed in test walls by independent laboratories, fire safety ratings have more than doubled. The walls were twice as safe with the Tripolymer foam than without it!

Long Lasting

Urea formaldehyde foam products (which used to be the most common wall insulation) generally decompose over time. Samples of Tripolymer 105 foam, on the other hand, that have been installed behind cement for over 25 years, show virtually no evidence of decay or damage from bacteria, water, or other building materials. Our Tripolymer insulation is just as effective after all that time as it is the day it was installed!

Safe for the Environment

Tripolymer Foam insulation is manufactured with organic materials. It is non-toxic and bio-degradable, so there are no disposal problems. It has no CFC’s, and it releases no harmful gasses into the environment when it contacts fire or heat. Tripolymer 105 is a dry powder that is added to water just prior to application, so it takes up less room during shipping and disposal, therefore utilizing less energy and creating less waste than other insulations.

Noise Reducing

This is one of the immediate benefits of the insulation that our Tulsa customers often report. Tripolymer foam has a high STC (sound transmission class) rating of 53, and is estimated to reduce outside noises by 80 percent.


Tripolymer Injection Foam can be installed into nearly every building material. Whether your home or business is brick, stone, masonry block core, vinyl, or anything else, we can inject Tripolymer foam. We modify our equipment based on your building materials, and when we leave you will not be able to see we have been there! You will only know by your reduced utility bills and quieter house.

OK Wall Foam – your Tulsa Injection Foam Insulation Specialists

Our insulation professionals know how to get the job done right the first time. OK Wall Foam is the Tulsa insulation company that specializes in Injection Foam Insulation.  Give us a call today to ask any questions you might have and a free quote.