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Guide to Home Insulation Vocabulary

When it comes to insulating your home, you’ll find many reasons as to why you should do so. Among those reasons are increased comfort year-round, a sound barrier, reduced energy costs, and many others. You’re guaranteed to get your money back once you insulate your home. If you’re looking to have your home insulated you might be overwhelmed by the many terms used when discussing insulation. Here are several common insulation terms to help guide you when shopping for insulation:


This form of insulation comes in pre-cut pieces with the backing option of paper, plastic or aluminum foil.  This is a common choice for those doing their own insulating. It’s designed for standard stud and joist spacing and an affordable alternative for those on a budget. It can be used in unfinished walls, ceilings or floors.


You’ve likely heard of cellulose; a material made from 80% post-consumer recycled paper. Many ‘green’ homeowners will opt for this choice due to its durability, cost and comfort. In addition, it contains a treatment that helps it to resist pests, fire and mold.


When referring to ‘code’ and insulation, you’ll be facing a set of standards that regulate different building aspects. These codes will vary depending on the state and is something a professional could easily help you with.


Another term you’re likely somewhat familiar with, fiberglass is material made from plastic and glass fibers. Fiberglass is used in many other industries, not just the construction industry. There are a variety of insulation forms that can be made of fiberglass including blown-in and batt insulation.


This is a common ‘brand’ of foam insulation that has been increasing in popularity. This form of insulation is sprayed into the area where it then expands. It claims to be more energy-efficient because it can fill more space than traditional insulation. All the cracks and gaps will be filled, in turn reducing your monthly energy costs and improving your comfort.


We would be remiss if we didn’t include this in our guide. In the insulation industry, the R-value is a measurement of heat resistance. The higher the R-value a particular type of insulation has, the better it works at insulating.


Retrofit insulation is an ideal option for those who are currently in an insulated home that needs an improvement. If you have an older home this might be the best option for you but a professional can better assist you based on your needs.

Hopefully this gives you a better idea of what you are looking for. When you’re looking for insulation, it never hurts to get a professional opinion to guide you. The experts at Oklahoma Wall Foam are here to help. Contacts us today and we will get your home insulated quickly and efficiently!