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Blown Insulation vs. Foam Insulation

Blown Insulation vs. Foam Insulation

Are you sick and tired of opening your energy bills in seeing how expensive they are? There are so many different ways that people try to save money with their heating and cooling costs and they can get very creative. Some people like to take cold showers or wear six pair of pajamas to bed. But even if you’re trying that for a hold month you still don’t notice a huge difference in your energy costs. If you’d really like to find out the best way to save each month on your heating and cooling costs that you need to give Oklahoma Wall Foam a call!

Safe Temperatures

One of the reasons why it is so hard to keep your house at a safe temperature in Oklahoma is because of the hard winds that blow across our planes. Most about think that if they have insulation in their walls and in their attic that they are doing everything they can do to save on their heating and cooling costs. Enforcing that is not the case whatsoever. What that blown insulation in Tulsa does is made protect a tiny bit against the wind and may keep it a tad warmer in the winter but other than that it truly does nothing.

Injected Foam Insulation

Here at Oklahoma Wall Foam we have the most amazing product that is out there on the market today. Our product is injected foam insulation that you may put into your current house or a new house that you are building. This insulation is so much more than normal blown insulation. It is much safer and a lot more durable than what you currently have in your home. Unlike blown insulation our foam insulation does not harbor rodent families that multiply year after year. All our foam insulation in Tulsa does is keep out the wind from outside and also block the thermal emissions through your walls.

This product is completely amazing and there is truly nothing else like it in on the market. Blown insulation even if it is installed perfectly still will leave small cracks and crevices where the Oklahoma wind can blow the warm or cold air from outside into your home. There is no way that you will be able to fight the Oklahoma winds as it tries to push the temperatures through your walls. The only way to take care this problem is to have injection foam insulation installed into your attic and walls. This will truly keep all unwanted drafts away and keep your home at the temperature you would like it to be at.

Oklahoma Wall Foam

You need to make sure that your injected foam insulation in Tulsa is installed by a trained professional that has received the correct qualifications and training to do so. Not everyone is equipped to install this type of insulation because it takes a lot of training and uses very expensive equipment. It may look easy when our professionals are installing it but believe me what they are doing is very complicated. If you want to find out how you can save on your bills each month give us a call today.