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Advantages of an Insulated Home

Even though to some the cost can be pricey, having a well-insulated home ensures comfort to not only you but your family as well. An insulated home is also one of the best ways to help you save money on energy. Below is a list of many other benefits homeowners can receive for having a well-insulated home.

More comfortable home interior year round

Insulation helps to stop the transfer of air, meaning it helps to keep the heat out in the summertime and the cool air in. Your house takes in air through many openings in your walls, outlets, windows, ceilings and doors, causing your heating and cooling bill to be even higher. Having a properly insulated home is much more energy efficient and brings comfort to your home.

Higher AC efficiency and performance

Have you ever noticed just how hard your air conditioner works in the summer to keep your house cool? Are your energy bills even higher than you expected? Without insulation, the heat leaks into your home, causing your AC to work twice as hard as it should, which can later lead to unnecessary repairs. The proper amount of insulation keeps your house cool and comfortable in the heat and can help to save money on bills every month.

Better soundproofing

A well-insulated home also helps to reduce the noises not only from outside but from other rooms in the house as well. Foam and blow-in or loose-fill cellulose and fiberglass are the most recommended for the use of soundproofing your home.

Protection against air and water infiltration

Having an insulated house helps to prevent air and water leaks, too. Mold and mildew grow in places that take on water, such as a basement. Insulation helps to prevent water infiltration, therefore helping to lower your energy bills.

Increased home market value

An energy efficient home is one of the number one aspects a home buyer seeks. A properly insulated home brings in a higher market value rather than homes that aren’t because of its energy efficiency. Keep this detail in mind if you are planning to sell your home in the next year or so.

Healthier environment

Those who are looking to go green are highly recommended to have an insulated home. Insulation is energy efficient and reduces the emission of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide.


If you are looking to go green or just looking to save some extra cash each month, contact Oklahoma Wall Foam and learn all about the different benefits today!